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"Fareen Butt's visual renditions of mountain peaks and passes such as her Mirage Himalaya Series of 2010 are made of precious gems and metals. The artist's technique, a cross-cultural amalgamation of Japanese Nihonga, East Indian gemstone painting and Post Impressionist Pointilist painting is entirely unique in the world in terms of its virtuouso application over expansive pictoral fields. 
Such virtuousity, as we see, is at the service of a complex vision of layered artistic intentionalities."

"The first exhibition includes works by luminaries such as artist Anish Kapoor, one of the most influential sculptors of this generation; based upon, a team of artists and designers creating large-scale artworks and sculptural furniture; Fareen Butt, a gemstone painter born in Toronto and based in New York..." 

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"Whilst the yacht filled up with glamorous guests from across the festival, crowds were then treated to the honour of meeting Prince Albert II of Monaco who came aboard to enjoy the evening and sign the impressive display of paintings and automotive designs presented by Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker Automotive, and artist Fareen Butt." 

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"Fareen concludes: 'My art works run in tandem with the principles of yacht design today on many levels. Both come from time honored international traditions, and are exclusively made with the personal tastes of the yacht owner in mind. Finally, both can be wedded to create the perfect atmosphere that breaths life into the skeleton of a finished yacht.' "

"There are still some fine booths here, however, beyond all those big names. The Bidaya section of the event, which focuses on one exciting and emergent gallery, takes a close look at Volte from Mumbai. This is a worthy look over the output of this dynamic space, including breathtaking pieces by Fareen Butt, in which she paints with crushed gemstones." 

" '...On the subconscious trigger colour has on the human psyche... An example of such an experience recently occurred on a visit to a private collection in Belgium. Witnessing such an intensely, bloody, primordial red while sitting under Kapoor’s “The Edge of the World” evoked feelings of returning to the moment of Creation, of my conception, of the beginning of Consciousness, of my consciousness. And, I feel intensely passionate about the artwork of Rothko…. To the point that I wish there was a separate word onto itself for the passion that one feels for artwork in general… especially seeing what it can do during art auctions, I believe it is a unique emotion in and unto itself.' "

"From an investment point of view, Fareen's paintings in 2006 sold for $5,000. In 2008 several sold for $10,000 each, in 2009 they sold for $12,000 each. Today a work can be acquired for $60,000 to $90,000. In eight years the works have appreciated by 18 times. Furthermore, there is an interest in future commissioning of works by specific unique collectors for an even higher price." 

"The artworks depicted in the Nautilus yacht imagery are the creations of the inspired and very talented Fareen Butt, and are taken from her ‘Akasa’ series." 

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"At this juncture it is important to note that the elements of subject and technique herald the artist's works as truly innovative in Asian Contemporary Art today. Most artists pursue the everchanging, fleeting aspects of sociopolitical, economic, and contemporary cultural changes in the emerging economies of India and China. Furthermore, the techniques employed by these artists are usually rooted in western art, from oil painting to the more recent instillation/ sculptural form. Fareen instead has firmly rooted her works in the art history, ideology, and technique of these cultures whilst further exploring them through a self-created, contemporized technique and perspective."

"A major influence of the Mirage Mountainscape series work includes Zhang Daquian. Zhang is a modern Chinese landscape artist. His works recently broke auction record for highest selling modern artist: it was Picasso at $311.6 million, in 2011 Zhang's works reached 506.7 million."

Selected Publications 

​Over the years, the artist has accumulated a lot of prestegious mention and recognition in prominent publications. 

"Fareen has an innate communication skill and the capability to transmit the unique beauty of the gems and minerals in a composition, using pigmented application treated in the ancient Japanese Nihonga technique, resulting in a great depth that comes through in her pointillism techniques, using the distinct dots of colour to form an image." 

"Not your typical oil or acrylic paintings, the entire medium used is a combination of crushed gold, silver, sapphires, rubies, onyx and rare geological minerals such as witherite (phosphorescent mineral) or muonionalusta (mineral from a meteor), with additional precious metal-based pigments. The technique is derived from a synthesis of centuries old Japanese Nihonga, Persian and Hindostani gemstone painting while executed in the Pointillism style of Seuart and of contemporaries like Pousette-Dart." 

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Artwork donated in 2010 for True Patriot Love via Lawyers Polo Toronto, 2010. 

"This very deserving non profit benefits the families of servicemen that have lost their lives in service to their country. It is a very worthy cause." Fareen Butt 

Fareen Butt, along with other sponsors, were interviewed the afternoon of the tournament. 

"When a renowned fashion designer recently sought to impart her life story... she did not write a book but rather commissioned a painting by the artists Fareen Butt.... 
​I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Butt and viewing her artworks aboard The Seafair Yacht in Greenwich Connecticut. Amongst a dazzling array of talent, this artist and her works provided an exceptional experience and introduced an array of new and exciting mediums for telling life stories. Depending on where I stood, the colours literally danced!"

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"As artists, we enrich the lives of others. Our own lives, therefore, need to be enriched to start with. 'Like a diamond, through the process of becoming resilient, one becomes a richer, more multifaceted person.' reports [Fareen Butt]."